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Farsight Tablet

Multi-Vehicle Diagnostics Solution

Vehicle Diagnostics Solution Done Right
The industry’s lowest total cost of ownership with a high return on investment.

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Vehicle Support: All Major US Makes and Models

Modern Software: Developed in the USA and Updated with New Technology

Advanced Diagnostics: J2534 Pass-Thru Capable

Updated Data: Expandable Live Data, Graphing and Recording Updated Data



The  Farsight Tablet includes everything you need to be more effective in diagnostics and repairs. The tablet is the largest ruggedized tool available included with your subscription. Software supporting all major US brands, updated with the latest technology. Included access to brand specific factory technicians and a collection of diagnostic and repair history.

You have access to advanced drivability software with automated tests, advanced test equipment like lab scopes, leak detectors, inspection cameras and more.

Ruggedized Tablet: Largest Touch Screen Ruggedized Tablet Available

Video Capability: Front and Rear Facing Cameras for Support

Barcode Scanning: 2D Barcode VIN Scan Vehicle Access

Long Lasting: 8 Hour Hot Swappable Battery

Face to Face

Technical Support

Get help from brand specific factory trained technicians that lead you through diagnostic or repair issues, including guided pass-through programming support by our Autologic Live team.

With integrated cameras, our support technicians can guide you through diagnostics and repairs like they are in your shop working alongside your technicians.

Advanced Engine Analyzer

Diagnostic Software

Supporting all major US makes and models packed into the most-rugged and advanced tablet in the industry.

Loaded with ATS Engine Analyzer Software. Take the guesswork out of diagnosing fuel trim faults, catalyst efficiency faults, engine performance and no fault code drivability faults. 

Fuel Trim Analyzer

Automatically test vehicle fuel trim during a test drive and receive easy-to-read pass or fail results.

Catalyst Efficiency Analyzer

Automatically test catalyst efficincy. This test will display faulty or close to failing catalysts.

Volumetric Efficiency Analyzer

With this automated test function, no code drivability faults are easilly diagnosed and the riit cause pinpointed.

Relative Compression Test

Find a weak cylinder with this simple and intuitive test.

Four-Channel Labscope

ATS Escope Elite

No Missing Data: Digital Lab Scopes offer so many advantages over early ‘live’ tools, but the cost is a processing delay and or buffer over run that creates gaps in the display or recording. ATS considers this unacceptable, so a lot of effort went into engineering circular buffers that do not drop data, so no data gap will ever be present on our scopes. This means you’ll never encounter an intermittent fault that occurs between samples.

No Time, Voltage, or Trigger Setup Needed

With the powerful Deep Record function, you can grab a large amount of data without any setup at all.

Automatic Test Lead Connection Detection

EScope applies a negative bias to each channel. When you see ‘0 Volts, you know that your leads are connected properly…and there really is no voltage!

Patented Overlay Technology

The EScope Elite4 has unique programming that overlays an engine cycle grid over your waveform. This is perfect for tracking exactly when spark and injection are occurring.

Ultra Sharp Waveforms

ATS understands this and designs our scopes so the signal is accurate and clean. On the EScope Elite4 no filter is needed or recommended. It is hard enough to diagnose vehicles without doubting your scope.