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IVS 360

Expert Diagnostic Support & Remote Flash Programming

Want to know more about our IVS 360 Support service?

IVS 360

IVS 360 gives technicians the confidence to repair the most complex vehicles fast with live repair guidance from OE brand-specific master technicians.

Targeted Resolution by our Master Techs

Fast Response Times - typically within 20 minutes

Chat Directly with Live Support

Supplied RMI Data and Wiring Diagrams

What is IVS 360?

IVS 360 helps independent automotive shops repair complex vehicles by remotely adding an OE-trained master technician to their team. Opus IVS’ experts remote in real time directly to vehicle communication systems to diagnose, program and calibrate vehicles. This eliminates the uncertainty, giving repair shops the confidence to get the most complex vehicles back on the road safely and fast.


Features & Benefits

With IVS 360, you can repair the most complex vehicles fast by remotely adding an OE brandspecific master technician to your team:


  • Factory-trained master technicians – helping you service all major US, Asian and European vehicle brands

  • Seven call centers with over 100 remote experts – live repair guidance Monday thru Friday including late evenings and Saturdays.

  •  Our team of experts remote directly into vehicles – so they can see the same data you can