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Autologic Pico Kit

4-Channel Standard Kit 4225 & 4425 Series

A PicoScope, also known as a labscope or oscilloscope, turns your PC into a powerful diagnostic tool. Think of it as the X-ray machine of diagnostics, letting you see the changing signals inside wires.

Want to Know More About the Pico Kit?

Why You Need a PicoScope

  • View data that happens too fast for us to see

  • Proper and effective diagnosis requires us to see and interpret information as fast as a computer receives it

  • Allows us to record and sync data to identify when and where problems can be

  • Vehicle modules read data hundreds to thousands times faster than any scan tool or multimeter.

Pico Oscilloscopes

4225 and 4425 Series

Autologic's PicoScope works with your PC to measure and test virtually all of the electrical/electronic components and circuits in any modern vehicle, including:
  • Ignition (primary and secondary)
  • Injectors and fuel pumps
  • Starter and charging circuits
  • Batteries, alternators and starter motors
  • Lambda, airflow, ABS and MAP sensors
  • Electronic throttle control
  • CAN bus, LIN bus and FlexRay

Inside 4-Channel Standard Kit

(1) 20 A/60 A AC/DC current clamp
(1) Standard (ATC) fuse extension lead
(2) 10:1 attenuator
(4) Flexible back-pinning probe (red)
(2) Multimeter probe (black)
(2) Small crocodile/gator clip (red)
(4) Shrouded to Unshrouded Adapter (red)
(1) USB cable 1.8m
(1) Carry case (1) 200 A/2000 A AC/DC current clamp
(1) Mini (ATC) fuse extension lead (2) Secondary ignition pickup
(4) Flexible back-pinning probe (black)
(2) Multimeter probe (red)
(2) Battery Clip (Red)
(2) Secondary Ignition Pickup (automotive test lead)
(1) Automotive software CD-ROM
(4) Premium test leads
(1) COP and signal probe
(1) Back-pinning probe set
(1) S–hook
(2) Small crocodile/gator clip (black)
(2) Battery Clip (black)
(1) HT extension test lead
(1) Automotive Quick Start guide