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VW Eos Power Window Reverse Operation Diagnosis using DrivePRO

Incorrect Door Module Coding Diagnosis

In this article & video VW Eos reversed window function due to incorrect control module coding (car coding) will be shown. During a module replacement the vehicle may be incorrectly coded, causing the door windows to operate reverse of user switch input.

Be sure the vehicle is connected to a vehicle power supply suitable for VW vehicles

Identify the vehicle you are working on

Select Automatic Detection

Confirm identification is correct.

Select Continue

Select USA Canada

Confirm identification is correct

Select Yes

Select Body

Select Door Electronics

Select Driver Side Door

Select Coding

Select Descriptive Coding

Make a note of the coding currently stored

Select Ok

This car is incorrectly coded as Not a 5-Door chassis

Select Edit

Select Yes

Select Next

This car is incorrectly coded as right hand steering

Select Edit

Select No

Select the Arrow next to Code ECU

The vehicle has been coded successfully

Select Ok

Cycle Key and check for operation