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Renault Master Suspension Reset

Renault Master Suspension Reset Brand: Renault Model: Master 2

Rear suspension has collapsed to its lowest position and the battery is dead.
If you use a scan tool, the Renault fault code is D007.


This problem occurs when the battery loses all charge and causes loss of programing from the suspension master control module.


  • Revive or replace the battery.
  • With the vehicle on level ground, apply the parking brake.
  • Switch the ignition OFF.
  • Raise the vehicle and place blocks between the suspension and chassis of the vehicle (78 mm in size).
  • Press the suspension raise / lower button to get the vehicle to come into contact with the blocks and ensure the blocks are in good contact with the body and the chassis.
  • Carry out programming operation using AssistPlus: PNEUMATICS CONTROL UNIT >> ACTIVATIONS >> PROGRAMME PNEUMATIC SUSPENSION.
  • Lower the vehicle to the low position using the raise / lower switch and ensure via the AssistPlus that the vehicle is in the low position.
  • Wait for the air compressor to cut out.
  • Switch the ignition OFF.
  • Raise the vehicle.
  • Remove the wooden blocks from the rear suspension.
  • Lower the vehicle again.
  • With the vehicle on level ground and all four wheels on the floor, raise the suspension to a high position