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Registering a Battery Change on Porsche 981 models

How to Register a New Battery on Porsche Vehicles

In this article and video the procedure for registering a new battery change (replacement) using Autologic's DrivePRO. The function is used to notify the vehicle control  module of a new battery for battery state of health (SOH) monitoring and charge efficiency. 

Before beginning, be sure the battery being is new.

Locate the scanner label on the battery and record the code

The code for the example in this video is TU1FG1D08C.

Have the part number ready also.

The part number for the example in this video is 999 612 060.

Begin by identifying the vehicle you are working on

Select Body

Select gateway

Select battery Change

Read and understand the message

Select NEXT

Locate battery capacity select edit

Enter amp hour of battery. In this example 60 is entered

Select OK

Locate battery technology select edit

Enter the battery type by selecting the arrow

In this example AGM is entered

Select OK

Locate Scanner code select edit

Enter the code from the battery label

In this example TU1FG1D08C is entered.

Select OK

Locate battery part number select edit

Enter the part number from the battery label

In this example 999 612 060 in entered.

Select OK

Confirm all entries are correct. Then select code

You will receive a message confirming the process was successful

Select back and exit