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Opus IVS Announces the Hiring of Harlan Siegel

Harlan Siegel has joined the Opus Intelligent Vehicle Support (IVS) division as Vice President of Global Sales.

As Vice President of Global Sales, Harlan will be responsible for the sales of IVS products globally, with integrated offerings from Drew Technologies, Autologic, and Farsight Diagnostic platforms and professional support services. With over 35 years in the Automotive Diagnostics Industry, Harlan has held leadership positions in management, sales and marketing at various companies.

Previously, Harlan served as the VP of Launch Tech USA, where he led the company’s growth from a small niche market position to become a major brand. While at Launch Tech USA, Harlan was responsible for the development and implementation of a sales infrastructure and distribution network. Harlan was also responsible for market-fit product design, product portfolio and the positioning needed to gain competitive dominance. Harlan’s go-to-market strategy resulted in accelerated revenue growth and market share wins.

Prior to Launch Tech USA, Harlan held top performing management positions at Snap-on Diagnostics for 11 years, driving multi-million dollar sales revenue and market share gains. Before Snap-on, Harlan held management positions at SPX. Harlan started his automotive career working for General Motors.

Harlan holds a degree in Automotive Management, Ferris State University and is an elected officer on the Executive Board of ETI, currently serving as Vice President of Marketing. For a full bio visit:

“I am extremely excited to welcome Harlan Siegel to our team,” says Brian Herron, President of Opus Intelligent Vehicle Support. “I have worked professionally with Harlan for over a decade. When IVS created this position, Harlan’s experience, reputation, industry knowledge and success made him a clear choice and I believe he will have a big contribution towards the growth of IVS products globally. With Harlan’s help, we will continue our focus to deliver innovative products and services to address the needs of professional technicians working on complex, intelligent vehicles. Since its formation last year, IVS has launched new products, gained OE acceptance for collision solutions, formed industry partnerships, and recruited industry leading talent into team at all levels. As we continue to grow, Harlan Siegel’s experience will help us continue to grow our revenue, customer base, and distribution channels, as we prepare to address the next set of challenges facing technicians.”

About Opus IVS

Opus IVS is a division of Opus, focused on supporting technicians that repair intelligent and complex vehicles. Included in the Opus IVS division is Drew Technologies and Autologic. For over 20 years Drew Technologies has pioneered the development of diagnostic and programming equipment based on the automotive SAE J2534 and heavy duty TMC RP1210 vehicle communication standards.  Drew Technologies products, such as CarDAQ®, Mongoose® and DrewLinQ® have been tested and validated extensively and are backed by industry-leading technical support. Autologic is known worldwide as a premier European diagnostic system with advanced coverage and live technical support featured thru the BlueBox, AssistPlus, and now the DrivePro tool. As a division, Opus IVS has in-house software and hardware development and manufacturing capabilities, and is constantly innovating and has over 30 patents pending. Opus IVS remote services and diagnostic assistance is provided thru 5 call centers, with over 100 technicians. Opus is a technology-driven growth company in the vehicle inspection and intelligent vehicle support markets. The company has a strong focus on customer service and innovative technology within emission and safety testing and intelligent vehicle support. With approximately 2,600 employees, Opus is headquartered in Gothenburg, Sweden. Opus has 34 regional offices, 24 of which are in the United States and the others in Sweden, Argentina, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Pakistan, United Kingdom, Spain and Australia. Opus has production facilities in the U.S. in Hartford, Ann Arbor, Long Island NY, Huntington Beach, and Tucson. The shares of Opus Group are listed on Nasdaq Stockholm.  For more information about Opus, please visit