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Land Rover LR4 Air Suspension Pump Diagnosis

Land Rover LR4 Air Suspension Compressor / Pump Diagnosing - Diagnosis and How To Test System Pressure

In this video and article, how to test and diagnose the air suspension pump in Land Rover LR4 models is shown. Pump pressure can be used to diagnose a weak or failing pump. The pressure reading are easily displayed using Autologic's DrivePRO

Begin by identifying the vehicle you are working on

Select Automatic Detection

Confirm vehicle information is correct

Select Ok

Select Chassis

Select Ride Level Control Module (RLM)

Select Faults (DTC)

Record and clear any stored fault codes

The current stored fault code will not clear, but we can proceed with diagnosis of the suspension pump

Select Clear and Re-Read

Select Back

Select Dynamic Data

Select Pressure Supply Components

Start vehicle, and allow to idle

Lower suspension to access height

Take note of Gallery Pressure

Once at access height, raise suspension to standard ride height

Hit Up arrow once on control pad, and take note of Gallery Pressure when the vehicle is in motion

Take note of maximum reading once compressor has shut off

A reading below 1500 kilopascals (kPa) indicates a faulty compressor

Our reading is over 1700 kPa indicating a healthy compressor