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Important Statement About Continued Support for Autologic Blue Box Tool

Approximately six weeks ago, we made a very conscious decision to completely stop all sales of Autologic Diagnostics' ‘blue box’ diagnostics tool to new customers.

We wanted to take every possible step to ensure customers would not purchase the blue box just prior to the launch of our next generation AssistPlus devices and all the benefits that new technology will afford users.

Our ultimate goal is to enable ALL of our customers to benefit from AssistPlus and as such, we shall be incentivizing customers to upgrade to AssistPlus with exclusive loyalty promotions.

However, in the past few days, it appears that our decision to stop selling the blue box, has led some customers to incorrectly conclude that we are discontinuing support for the blue box. THIS IS NOT THE CASE.

Below, you will find our position on all the key questions about blue box customers have been asking.

This is the most important thing all blue box customers need to know:

Neither the withdrawal from sale of the blue box, nor the launch of Assist and AssistPlus changes the support you will receive as a blue box owner – in any way – provided you have a valid support agreement in place for each tool you own.

  • You will continue to receive new make and model software updates when they become available. From a diagnostics capability perspective, blue box and AssistPlus are built from the same core technology, so it is easy for us to update both device types at the same time.
  • We will continue to update the blue box device software should we detect or be alerted to software issues, bugs and so on.
  • You will continue to receive support as normal when you call our renamed ‘Assist’ service centers for help.
  • We will continue to repair or replace your blue box hardware if you have a problem with an existing device and it is within warranty.
  • You do not have to turn in your blue box before you can buy AssistPlus. But, those customers that do trade in their old boxes will be offered preferred pricing for AssistPlus.

As you can see, from the blue box support perspective, nothing has changed.

We hope that this communication addresses any concerns you may have about blue box.

The blue box device has been the cornerstone of our success for more than ten years. While all our investments in innovation will be going toward AssistPlus in the future, please be assured: the blue box is not going away any time soon.

Any statements to the contrary are incorrect and the result of misinformation communicated by those that do not have direct knowledge of our business and are regrettably jumping to conclusions.

We pledge to communicate more with all our customers and will relaunch our customer newsletter on a global basis in June to assist with this effort.

In the meantime, if you have any remaining questions that are not addressed in this statement, please email us at We will do our best to respond to your questions in a timely fashion.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and valued custom.

Best wishes,
Autologic Diagnostics