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How to Update the Autologic BlueBox using Upgrade2

After Support Renewal or Adding a New Car Line

This video  and article will illustrate how to perform Upgrade2 on your Autologic BlueBox Device after a support renewal or adding a new car line.



Wait 10 minutes after renewal before downloading.


Be sure to check antivirus and firewall settings

If update fails to install, confirm firewall or anti-virus is not blocking it.

Connect the AC power adapter to your BlueBox

Connect the network cable to your BlueBox

Power on your BlueBox

Connect the USB adapter and network cable to your PC

Log into your account on

Select Downloads

Scroll to Upgrade2 and Select Download

Save the file to your PC

Select Update on your BlueBox

Locate Upgrade2 file and double-click to open

Select RUN

The update will now install to your BlueBox device

Once complete, your BlueBox will return the main menu