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How To Test the DMTL Pump on MINI Cooper R56 Models

MINI R56 Evaporative Emission DMTL Test

The detection module for tank leakage, also referred to as the DMTL, is used to pressurize and test the evaporative emission on R56 MINI Cooper models.  This video and article will show you how to test for evaporative emission leaks using the DMTL and complete an emission monitor for the evap system with Autologic's AssistPlus.


From the main assistplus screen, select ODB II / EOBD

Select Readiness codes

Select NEXT

This page displays the non-continuous monitors. If a monitor displays complete, the system test has passed and is functioning normally. 

If not complete is displayed, the system test may not have run to completion or a fault code is stored. 

Return to the main menu

Identify the vehicle you are working on

Select Drive

Select DME / DDE

Select service functions

Select diagnosis module for tank leaks

If screen displays no fault code is stored for this component group, the system has no faults at this time, but the monitor has yet to run to completion. You can force the monitor to run to speed the inspection process or confirm a repair was successful.

Select continue

Select OK

Follow the screen prompted instructions to prepare the vehicle. Confirm the fuel tank level is correct.

Select NEXT

Follow the screen prompted instructions. Select Next.

The DMTL function test will run, it may take up to ten minutes to complete.

  1. In the first step, the test runs a reference leak measurement.
  2. In the second test, the test runs a minor leak measurement.
  3. In the third test, the test runs a micro leak measurement.

Once complete the test results will be displayed. If test fails, locate system leak and repair.

If no leaks are found, select END

For more information, contact the Autologic MINI Technical Support Team 1 877 945 6442