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How to Set Up and use AssistPrint on your AssistPlus device

Print to a network printer directly from your Autologic AssistPlus device

This video and article will illustrate how to install, set up and use AssistPrint for your Autologic AssistPlus device.

Begin by confirming your AssistPlus and PC are connected to the same wifi network

Then confirm local printer is set as the default printer

Log into your account on

Select Downloads

Scroll to AsssitPrint and Select Download

Save the file to your PC.

Once download is complete, locate file and doubleclick to begin installation

Select Run

Select Next

Select installation location on your PC, then select Next

Select Install

Select Finish

Double-click the AssistPrint icon to launch the application

Allow access on public and private networks, select Allow Access

Using your AssistPlus device, select File Manager

Select a vehicle report or item you want to print

Select the AssistPrint icon

Select Print

You will receive a confirmation once document has been successfully sent to printer.

Document will print