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Freelander 2 Non Start

Freelander 2 Non Start Brand: Land Rover Models: Freelander 2 (2007-2010)

The customer complaint is that the vehicle does not start and that 'steering column locked' is shown on dash


The steering column lock has failed


Check for fault codes using the AssistPlus

  • Check vehicle configuration to see if the steering column lock has been disabled:
    • Use EDIT VEHICLE CONFIGURATION option on the AssistPlus.
    • Follow onscreen instructions and go to page 3 of 5 on the device. The top option will be for your steering column lock. If it says 'Undefined', edit this and change it to 'Fitted'.
  • Code the lock to the car by pressing PROGRAM. See page 5 on the AssistPlus.
  • If reconfiguring the car does not bring the lock back to life, check the wiring:
    • Strip the steering cowling and under-dash trim to gain access to the steering column lock. It can be identified by the wires in the 4-way plug to the module, which are as follows:
      • Pin 2 = green and orange wire
      • Pin 3 = black and purple wire
      • Pin 4 = grey and blue wire
    • Check the wiring as follows:
      • Pin 3 wire is ground.
      • Pin 4 wire is the LIN communication wire, so it should have 6 - 11 volts when operating correctly. (See scope trace below).
  • Pin 2 wire should pulse 12 v when the key is inserted into the starter control unit.
  • If wiring results are as expected, fit a new steering column lock module.
  • Code new lock using the AssistPlus:
    • Configure new steering column module and follow the onscreen instructions.