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Ford Misfire Monitor Neutral Profile Correction & Relearn for P0315

Using Ford IDS or FJDS via Pass-Thru

See how to relearn the misfire correction profile on Ford engines. In this article and video the procedure is shown using Ford IDS or FJDS via Pass-Thru on a Farsight tablet.

Misfire Profile relearn should be performed when work is performed on mechanical or electrical engine timing components. For example; Powertrain control module (PCM) replacement, crankshaft sensor replacement, crankshaft pulley removal, transmission removal or engine timing chain replacement.

Prior to performing this procedure all dtc’s related to misfires or timing, other than P0315 – Crankshaft Position Variation Not Learned, will need to be resolved.

From the IDS toolbox, select Powertrain. This function is also available in FJDS in the toolbox.

From the Powertrain dropdown menu, select Service Functions, then Misfire Neutral profile Correction.

Review the instructions on the screen and prepare the vehicle as noted. Select the blue tick.

Review the instructions on the screen and prepare the vehicle as noted, be sure to warm the engine operating temp above 176 degrees Fahrenheit or the process will not continue. Select the blue tick.

Raise RPM above threshold value on screen. On our subject vehicle the value is 3180 RPM.

Hold RPM above threshold and fully release the accelerator pedal. During the engine coast down the MMNPC will begin to calibrate. If the MMNPC counter does not reach zero on the first attempt, Raise above the threshold RPM and release the accelerator. Repeat as needed.

When MMNPC counter reaches zero, the bottom of screen will display “Completed Successfully”.

Select the blue tick to exit relearn.

When the relearn is complete, check for current DTCs. If no DTCs are present, Pass-PCM will be displayed.

End communication with vehicle.

Need help diagnosing or programming a Ford using Pass-Thru, IDS or FJDS? Contact Autologic for help.