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DrivePRO Software Update

New Browser Update & Printer Functionality on DrivePRO

Browser 1.8 and OSS 123 updates are now available to download on your DrivePRO device!

  • ‘Email to Self’ and ‘Email to Printer’ functionalities are now available as 2 separate options:
    • ‘Email to Self’ uses the email address of the current logged in user.
    • ‘Email to Printer’ allows the user to specify a printer email address.
  • ‘Email to Self’ and ‘Email to Printer’ functionalities are now also available on Domestic & Asian PDF reports.
  • The last entered email address for the ‘Email to Printer’ function is saved for quick printing.
  • An information message when re-sending a report to the same ‘Email to Self’ email address is now displayed.

DrivePRO Browser (1.8) will install automatically upon clicking the ‘DrivePRO’ icon on the device homepage. This Browser update is required for the OSS update to take effect.