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Convertible Roof Problem

Convertible Roof Problem Brand: BMW Models: Z4 E89

The customer complaint is that the convertible roof has either got stuck, or is not opening all the way.

Possible fault codes logged
A690 microswitch, rear-end module closed, left.
A692 microswitch, rear-end module closed, right.
A691 Hall sensor, rear-end module open


The microswitches or Hall sensors can crack and the wiring can break around those components.


  • Check the live data with the AssistPlus and make sure the readings are changing when the roof is being operated or moved manually.
  • You can also check the Hall sensors with a magnet by moving the magnet across the sensors. The live data should change. 
  • Note that Hall sensors and microswitches are located on the convertible top hinges. Some of them are located in the rear end module in the trunk (boot). The rear end module closing microswitches are located in the roof stow area. If you look straight down the side of the rear quarter panel, you will see the hinge/ram mechanism for the roof. This is where some of the microswitches are locate
  • Once you have located a microswitch or Hall sensor, check it for damage and repair as necessary. Check the wiring and plug connections for damage and repair where required.
  • Fault code A691 refers to the Hall sensor, which is also situated in the same area as the microswitches, but is connected directly to the hydraulic ram.
  • When the faults are rectified there are no calibration or resetting procedures needed, and the roof should function as normal.