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Chevy & GMC truck from 2003 to 2006 PRNDL Light Fix

Transmission Gear Indicator Light Failure - How to Repair With Fresh Solder

Exactly the same instrument cluster is used in Chevy and GMC truck from 2003 to 2006. As these vehicles age, various amenities and features drop by the wayside and we can get used to many of those defects. But if the gear selector indicator is out or dim (as shown) you don’t know what gear you’ve selected. That is a problem.

The fact is that solder joints in printed circuit (PC) boards get old and brittle with time; repeated cycles of heating and cooling eventually causes tiny hairline fractures in the solder joints, resulting in intermittent or poor connection. The result can be a gear selector indicator that is dim or out.

To fix this problem, remove the cluster from the vehicle. Then remove the instrument cluster housings, see the most current repair information for the vehicle you are working on. . 

Inspect the PC solder joints (circled area) carefully with a magnifying glass. Lookin for cracks in the solder at the top or bottom. Arrow in photo below points to cracked solder. 

Crack in Solder

To repair the cracks, add a small amount of solder to the joints. Just enough to bridge the cracks and rebond the connection. This is delicate work and you need a steady hand. Use a small-tipped soldering iron and good quality electrical connection rosin-core 60 / 40 solder.

Once soldering is done, reassemble the cluster, plug it in and check your work. The display should now look like this: