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Checking Battery State of Charge on Porsche 981 models using Autologic’s DrivePRO

How to Check Battery State of Charge on Porsche 981 models

This video and article shows you how to check battery state of charge on Porsche 981 models, also referred to as state of health. This information can be used to diagnose power management issues or identify a weak battery or signs of a parasitic draw

Begin by identifying the vehicle you are working on

Be sure the vehicle being tested is connected to a vehicle power supply designed for Porsche vehicles

Read instructions and confirm vehicle state

Select OK

Select Body

Select Gateway

Select Actual Values

Select History

Select Battery State of Charge

Battery Charge State will be displayed

The corresponding number next to the charge state percentages represents the amount of engine starts within that range. These numbers can be used to diagnose charging system, battery and gateway controlled power consuming component fault symptoms.

A normal charge state is in the 74 to 100% range.

When charge state drops below 73% non-critical power consuming items may be switched off by the gateway module. Keeping the battery in the 74 to 100% range extends battery life.

If charge status drops below 50%, additional power consumers are switched off by the gateway.

When these items are switched off, the vehicle owner may not notice a starting issue, but may notice an accessory or power consumer that is not operating as it should, for example heated seats, start stop system and comfort entry etc.

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