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BMW iDrive Display Reset - How to

See how to reset a locked or frozen iDrive display

This article and video will illustrate how to reset a BMW iDrive display using your AssistPlus device.


If the iDrive screen on a late model BMW is frozen and does not react to iDrive knob or button inputs, you may need to reset the display. This is the first step in the diagnostic process for inoperative iDrive screens.



Begin by identifying the vehicle you are working on

Select Body

Select Audio, Video and Navigation

Select Central Information Display (CID)

Select Fault Codes

Check for fault codes. Most times with this symptom, no fault codes will be stored.

Select Back

Select Component Activations

Locate Control Unit Reset

Select Activate

Control unit will reset

Select Back

If reset successfully remedied locked display, iDrive function will be restored.