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1st Sept 2015. Today Autologic announces the release of a new software update available for Assist OS – Version 1.3.

V1.3 is available now and includes a host of new features and improvements, designed to make using the AssistPlus even easier, to help you get from fault to fix, faster.

Based on feedback received from AssistPlus customers and following successive testing and bug fixes by our software developers, Assist OS 1.3 incorporates updates and improvements to key AssistPlus applications, including:

  • Improved webpage functionality: zooming, scrolling and browsing improvements
  • Webpage improvements allowing additional windows in a new web browser tab
  • Improved camera frame rate, preview and recording quality
  • Improved video playback
  • Memory Manager - advises you when you are reaching peak levels
    • Displays applications running, enabling you to select those that you wish to close
  • AssistPrint: A new application that can be downloaded onto your PC (from the website User Area) to support the AssistPlus print function
    • You can now print files, reports, screen captures and more, direct from your device
    • Improved print function including AssistPrint and printing direct from reports

To download the AssistPrint application:

  1. Login to the website
  2. Click Downloads
  3. You will see an area entitled "AssistPrint"
  4. Click on this to download and follow the on-screen messages
  5. Once installed you will see a Notification Icon in the taskbar
  6. If you have multiple printers in use, right click on the icon, select Printers and choose you preferred printer