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New Languages added to AssistPlus Operating System.

Today Autologic announces the release of Software Update, Assist OS 1.5 

As AssistPlus reaches its first anniversary, and with sales growing around the world, we have received suggestions from pro-active distributors on how to improve the service offering to their local customer base.

These requests have been fed back to the Technical Centre and today we are releasing the AssistPlus OS in both Spanish and Polish languages, to enhance the customer experience in these developing territories for Autologic.

In addition, reminders will now appear on start-up when a user is reaching the end of their annual subscription. This feature ensures that customers remain in support and do not have last minute subscription issues when performing diagnostics.

Spanish Language – AssistPlus OS and help files are now available in Spanish.

Assist OS 1.5 update - Spanish

Polish Language – AssistPlus OS and help files are now available in Polish.

Assist OS 1.5 update - Polish

German Language – AssistPlus OS and help files are now available in German.

Assist OS 1.5 update - German

Changes made to AssistPlus start-up. When the AssistPlus turns on it will notify the user (if reaching end of subscription) that their support subscription is due in 30, 25, 20, 15, 10 – 1 days’ time. If their support subscription has expired, the message will be displayed every time the AssistPlus boots. The device can still be used for diagnostic functions, but there will be no access to the latest software updates or Assist support services until the subscription is renewed.

Assist OS 1.5 update – Support Expiry information

Assist OS 1.5 is available now




Detailed installation instructions for Assist OS 1.5 can be found HERE